XVI. My Son
(Odysseus is reunited with Telemachus)

What words can mend the years?
What words can dry your tears?

Your smile is mine
Your eyes still shine
Like the day that I first held you

My hands are yours
Your place is sure
Like the day that I first called you
My son

XVII. Oh Father
(Telemachus recognizes his father)

Oh Father, now's our time
Oh Father, I've seen the sign
And we're off
A midnight prayer floating on the breeze
A high-noon eagle far above the trees
And we are on...
Our way

XVIII. So Close
(Odysseus watches Penelope from afar)

As you stand in the light
Your face is like snow
I'm standing right here
And I want you to know
My heart aches with laughter 
But my smile I must hide
You can't see my eyes
But now I'm weeping inside

You're so close
You're so close I can barely breathe
I can touch you
I can see
I need you now
How I missed you
How I missed you
You're so close
So close
So close



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