XIX. For Pain
(Odysseus' scar)

All of my years rest on my skin
In one straight line they begin
To tell the story of my name
And of the life I lived for pain

Pain for my enemies and pain for my friends
Suffering as means but not suffering as an end
Don't speak my name and don't uncover me
The truth in time will set me free

XX. Hum
(Odysseus strings the bow)

I can feel it, it's coming
I can feel it, I'm humming

In every nerve
In every bird
In every word I speak

I'm humming
It's coming
In every truth I seek

I'm humming
Like a bow
Like a sparrow

It's coming
It's coming
My heart's an arrow

I'm singing, my head's ringing
I'm taking it now

I'm bleeding with a feeling
I'm taking it now

Through the hum

XXI. The Fight
(Odysseus slays the Suitors)




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