Performances of The Odyssey are generally an hour long (though can be shortened or lengthened slightly if need be) and consist of 1) a 5 minute introductory lecture; 2) a 35 minute musical performance consisting of 24 short songs sung by Joe Goodkin while playing the acoustic guitar; and 3) a 25 minute interactive audience discussion/Q&A session during which the following themes are often considered: Ancient Greek bardic and epic traditions, oral composition, constructs of identity, morality, gender and double standards, marriage and fidelity, musical composition and performance, and anything else prompted by Homer's polytropic poem.

The Odyssey is especially suited for high school and college classes reading The Odyssey, but can be adapted for audiences of any age with any level of familiarity with the story. 

The Odyssey can be performed in any sized venue from classroom to auditorium, up to three times a day.  For larger venues and audiences, a microphone and PA system may be necessary, but Joe generally performs without amplification.  Joe also provides a program so audiences can follow the lyrics or projects the lyrics while he performs. In light of the coronavirus pandemic, Joe has also adapted the performance for the Zoom/YouTube streaming environment.

Performance fees vary based on location and number of performances.  Please email joe (at) for booking information and any questions.



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