XI. Blues in B
(Odysseus tells the stories of his journeys)

I've got stories, I've got pain
Seems like so much of my praying's been done in vain
I walked the roads to reach the sea
But through it all the world never got the best of me

Checked at every turn, tested every day
Even the wind was against me as I made my way
I saw the ghosts of a checkered past
But through it all I made my love last

Tempted by sweetness, beaten by scorn
It's taken me years to finally be reborn
From this time, I've had enough, I'm done with playing dead
But through it all I saved the skins I shed
But through it all I saved the skins I shed

XII. Free Again
(Odysseus departs Phaiakia)

I broke the chains
I unfurled the mast
The stars are on my left 
And I'm on my way

The sea is mine
Oh how the water shines
The stars are on my left
And I'm on my way

I'm free again
I won't let it go
I'm free again 
And I just need to know...

XIII. I Can Feel You
(Odysseus thanks Athena for her help)

For not the first time
I can feel you
You have brought me here to...


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