November 5, 2017 - The Robin Theatre, Lansing, Michigan

Dawn's pale rose fingers brushed across the sky... in Findlay, Ohio.

But not really because it was overcast and raining.

I stirred awake after a sleep enhanced not by a spell of Athena but rather by the magic of the end of daylight saving time and that blessed extra hour.

One more show on my "5 shows in 5 days" tour, a matinee affair at The Robin Theatre in Lansing, Michigan.

This show was a bit of a departure: with few exceptions I generally play universities or high schools rather than public, ticketed venues.  The owner of The Robin, Dylan, expressed interest in trying an Odyssey show (I emailed him initially about my Record of... series) and as it fell somewhat convenient to my Indiana and Ohio shows it seemed like a great opportunity to see what we could put together.  

The very quiet Findlay Conference Center and Inn had a distinctly Overlook Hotel feel as I sat alone eating breakfast and reflexively checking in on my vocal health. It seemed the extra sleep and copious fluid consumption had worked wonders and my voice felt no worse and possibly even better than the day before. 

I had a two and a half hour drive to Lansing but managed to sneak in a run after the rain stopped and before I got on the road.  

The rain caught up with me as I drove north and I pulled into Lansing a little behind schedule but still in plenty of time for the 3:00 start of the show.  

I'm fascinated with the character of spaces (and how each impacts my performance) and immediately upon walking into the Robin I fell in love with the atmosphere and presence of the converted storefront.  Dylan met me and we quickly and easily set up and sound-checked.

We had a small audience of just five, but what they lacked in numbers they made up for in enthusiasm: a great discussion followed my performance and of the five in attendance, two were teachers and have already inquired about a future return to the Robin as part of a field trip with their classes.  

And just like that, I was back on the road for the three hour drive to Chicago and my wife, dog, and cat.

The drive was a good time to muse on this trip as well as the year as a whole: I had one more show booked at a local high school but my Odyssey travels were essentially done for 2017.

As the miles to Chicago counted down, the blessed extra hour of sleep became the cursed early dusk and the sun sank ahead of me.

This trip was a success.

This year was a success.

I rolled up the Dan Ryan and my Ithaca stretched out before me, a sea of steel and lights.

It was good to be home.

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